Is there a way to retrieve user's favorite locations

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    I'd like to add quick jump to favorites to my sounding plugin.

    Is there a way to retrieve them ? ie from the store ?


  • if (localStorage && localStorage.getItem('favs')) {
      var favs = JSON.parse(localStorage.getItem('favs'));

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    @siim There is module fav. Try to use this module and access favs this way. It has methods te retrieve all favs as Array.

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    Thanks @ivo

    So the "better" way to retrieve favorites is

    import favs from "@windy/favs"; 
    // or
    // var favs = W.require('favs');

    It returns an object

      "34.492/-119.702": {key: "34.492/-119.702", lat: 34.491843, lon: -119.702396, name: "Santa Barbara", type: "fav", …},
      "36.768/-119.098": {key: "36.768/-119.098", lat: 36.768385, lon: -119.097719, name: "Dunlap", type: "fav", …}

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