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    Aggregator Open Data Licence (AODL) is licence that covers the situation, where multiple users share their data, and the single subject aggregates them, stores them, use them and shares them based on this licence. Typical use case is for example owner of Personal Weather Station, that decides do share his real time observation data with others.

    For purpose of this document aggregating subject is called Aggregator.

    Users, that share their data via Aggregator are called Providers.

    Third parties, that want to consume the data via API are called Consumers.

    Purpose of this Aggregator Open Data Licence is to define legal framework in between Aggregator, Providers and Consumers.

    Based on this licence any services in between Aggregator and Providers are free and each party bear its costs.

    Upon this licence provided data are fully owned by Provider.

    Upon this licence Aggregator and Providers provide the data as is, without any warranty and none of the subjects are responsible for any breach arising from use of these data.

    Providers have full right to decide, whether their data will be available to Consumers, subset of selected Consumers, Aggregator only or whether their data will be private available to Provider only.

    Providers have full right to discontinue providing the data at any moment and require Aggregator and all Consumers to delete its data, yet Provider bears in mind that request to delete past aggregated data, that have been already downloaded by Consumers, can be hardly enforceable.

    Aggregator has full right to refuse, discontinue or delete the past data of any Provider at any time or to discontinue its aggregation services at all.

    Aggregator has full right to refuse, limit or discontinue serving the data to any of the Consumers or to charge any Consumer for use of the API.

    Provider has full right to remain anonymous.

    Provider has full right to require full credits by displaying Provider’s name and link together with its data page, where Provider`s data are displayed in detail, yet such an credits not need to be displayed on aggregating pages, like lists and maps. Placement and size of the credits can be subject of display size where data are displayed and Provider should tolerate, that on mobile devices such a credits are small.

    Provider has a right to require and all Consumers have the obligation to display the credits.

    Consumers have the obligation to use data just for their own use and not to transfer the data to any other party.

    Consumers have obligation to display link or button that will point to Aggregators page, where new Providers can register, and Aggregator has full right to specify text of this link in different languages. For example the Consumer, that downloads personal weather station data via Aggregator`s API has obligation to display link with text “Add new station” together with these data.

    Data exchange clause:
    If the Consumer is also aggregator and aggregates same type, or any other kind of data, the Aggregator has full right to request, that Consumer will share his data based on this licence, any other Open Data licence, or solely with Aggregator.

    Version: 1.0

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