Windy and Raspbery Pi - Wind Animation

  • Set up Raspberry Pi 3 B+ OS(Stretch) Lang- html/javascript Browsers Chromium or Firefox

    Testing with Windy/Leaflet, using simple Windy examples from the web, the wind animation is shown as trails (like a jet airplane vapor trail) that fills up the screen. Same example works fine on a Win10 computer.

    I understand that the Rasp Pi is less powered than the Win10 but I did fine a site ( that has a similar weather display and their Rasp Pi/wind animation works fine with this site.

    I think I am just starting to understand the relationship between Windy and Leaflet and the options that are available to me as a programmer. I have tested with Chromium and Firefox and with different monitors, same results.

    Any ideas, directions to documentation options, I’m open to anything.

    The ultimate goal is to integrate into my personal Darksky/Bing Maps/Iowa State weather radar display.

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