UNSOLVED Two display glitches found in the way Windy displays temperature

  • Two display glitches found within the way Windy displays temperature in the Antarctic, and at FL450.

    DISPLAY 'BUG' #1:

    When windy displays the coldest temperatures it seems to stop at –70C (203K), and doesn’t display any lower temps even though they appear to be present. When it reaches a lower temp than –70 it instead jumps the display to –80C (193K), like this:

    80 deg - Screenshot_2019-03-28 Windy as forecasted.png

    It displays no lower temp data, and as you can see the shading follows that sudden jump in value, for any data below -70 degrees C.

    I suspect this glitch has to do with the setting up of the original display range parameters for the overlay. If the display range parameters can be expanded to show all lower available temperatures, could you please enable it to do so. This same jump in value also occurs at FL450 (within the subtropics, but there's no current example I can show you in the present model run) where a particularly cold area at that altitude jumps up from -70C to this -80C ‘default’ for the display. Besides being 'buggy' and not showing the full data range, it’s also visually ugly.

    Windy's overlay simply cuts off the display range at -70 deg C
    Screenshot_2019-03-28 Windy as forecasted.png

    I increased the overlay's range to -100C to cover the full range of what should be available within an accurate model's forecast, because last year temperature (via sat) observation in Antarctic reached the sub –90C region. So Windy should be able to display temps below –70C, if ECMWF is forecasting lower temperatures than that.

    DISPLAY 'BUG' #2:

    At 10,000ft and 14,000ft over the high altitude Antarctic icesheet the temperature overlay depicts inaccurate display artifacts, that appear to be related to local ice altitude, for example:

    10,000 feet"
    10,000ft.pngStandard 10,000ft.png

    I notice the sounding forecast also doesn't have data available within that affected region.

    This glitch is much clearer at 14,000 feet.

    14,000 feet:
    14,000ft.pngStandard 14,000ft.png

    I’m guessing this is also related to Windy's initial parameter-settings for the temperature overlay, and not an artifact coming from the ECMWF model itself. If it's possible, could you please eliminate this visual glitch.

    EDITED: Pre-morning coffee typos.

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