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  • Hello, first of all huge Thank You for making this fantastic site!! I'm a PPLa pilot and I appreciate as it helps me a lot during flight briefing.

    Nevertheless I have two suggestions:

    1. When clicking day button (below hour slider) Your app is placing slider to 12 o'clock local time that day. For me it is important to compare days by the hour I choose for ex. 2 - 3 p.m. when temp during the day is max or 5 - 6 a.m. when temp is min. So is it possible to change this fixed 12 a.m. to hour which I choose on the slider. For ex. I set slider to see the weather on friday 4 p.m. than when I click saturday button, slider should move instantly to 4 p.m saturday not to 12 a.m. saturday. Ofc the same with other days. Is it possible to add that kind of slider option?

    2. Temp and pressure color scale on different hight levels. On the ground it is obvious, yellow to red=hot, blue to pink=cold.......but on different hights for.ex. on 500hPa level when You use fixed color scale everything is blue to pink. But it doesn't mean that there is such a cold air on this particular level relatively comparing to other levels. Let's say -15 is a normal air temp for 500hPa like +10 for a ground level and both should be painted close to f.ex. yellow color. At the moment when I choose 500hPa everything is pink and I don't know If today it's relatively hot or cold air on this level comparing to lower or higher levels. It is actually diffused and unreadable. BTW The same thing is with pressure maps, fixed color scale is useable only for ground level. Color scale should change relative to chosen level.


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    I totally agree for the 2nd suggestion.
    If the developers will change the color scale on different height levels,
    I suggest to use the following temperatures as "normal" = green.
    850 hPa=+5C
    700 hPa=-4C
    500 hPa=-21C
    400 hPa=-32C
    300 hPa=-44C
    250 hPa=-52C
    200 hPa=-56C
    150 hPa=-56C

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    @m3duzas said in same hour interval + temp colors:

    The same thing is with pressure maps, fixed color scale is useable only for ground level. Color scale should change relative to chosen level.

    But for higher levels than surface, it may be better to show geopotential heights with a different colour scale according to the height? So this layer could be a mix of msl pressure for surface and geopotential heights when adjusting the altitude slider.
    If developers don’t make your suggested improvement for temperature colour scales, at least you can customise this colour scale by yourself to have more variations in negative temperature colours, with additional colours.
    Go to => Settings => Modify (or customise) layer colours =>Temperature.
    The default setting shows -15°C steps, you may increase the step number with a temperature interval of -10°C or less.
    Of course your new colour scale will be the same for every level.

  • Geopotential hights is a completely different kind of map, which of course would be very nice to implement in the whole application :-) because as for now it's not present. We can consider it as a 3rd suggestion for Devs. Of course color scale for geopot.hights should be also adjustable according to pressure level (850hPa, 500hPa etc..)


  • Sailor Moderator

    I suggest geopotential heights just because it is the usual way to express the pressure field on a weather map at different levels. Never seen isobars in altitude....

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