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  • Is it possible for the site to remember my display preferences? I normally want to see the rain forecast, but it always comes up with the wind forecast.

    Also, how do I log in to the app on my iPhone?

    Great app, probably the best weather app in the world. I have donated!

  • Moderator

    @michaelfairburn It is not currently possible to start Windy with a different layer than wind. But you can save a bookmark while you select the rain layer so that you just have to click the bookmark to open Windy with a different later.

  • I am very interested in this too!

    I love how well the site presents a large amount of data in an easy to read format. (Plus it's pretty.) But each time I navigate the the site/app, I have to re-select the desired layer and zoom level. It would be such a relief if the site/app could remember this.

  • @michaelfairburn - You are two clicks away from rain...

  • Another vote for Having the iOS app remember the last selected display. Or at least a setting that allows us to select the startup layer.

    The wind layer is cool, and I know it’s your name! but it doesn’t tell me what I first need to know about the weather. I usually launch your app to see what’s going to be happening soon — Via the radar, or forecast layers. Being able to chose to start on those would be much more useful to me.

    Thanks for listening.

  • yes I have also the same request (on android), and also like remembering the zoom and position like also stated. And I don't get the bookmark thing from the moderator.

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