• I'm in the US and the radar loop used to be only about at most 5 min behind but now it's anywhere from 25 - 30 min behind. Just wondering if that's anything windy can control or are you dependent on other sources? The more accurate loop was what drew me to windy. If it continues to be this way then it's not that much different then the others out there. But with that said I still greatly enjoy using your product.

  • I am having the same problem. Today I was watching a storm approach. The storm was almost over when Windy showed it arriving.
    if you leave Windy open and watch storms with lightning the lightening appears to be happening way out in front of the storms. I had a lightning strike near my building. Windy plotted the lightening bolt within seconds - Awesome. Don't change the way you plot lightening.

  • I have the same problem. For me is a big problem, I'm a little storm chaser and I need to have the radar information on the less time posible. And now the radar is too slow. It is only sending information every 25-30m. What happened windy?

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    It seems that was a problem with data synchronization being delayed. It works normal now, but I am not 100% sure if the problem is fixed completely. If you stumble upon this issue again, please include the exact time (and your timezone) of the occurence and also your location, so that we can track the problem better. Thanks for your patience ! :-) This definitely should not happen, USA radar data are usually delayed by 5 minutes tops when there is active precipitation around the site.

  • @dzuremar
    It is better. What I find interesting is that it will go let's say to 11:00 and the time is 11:07 . Then I'll check it again at 11:14 and it say's it's looped to 11:05 then I check again at 11:15 and it's looped to 11:10. So it's refreashing on a 5 to 9 min loop.

    Time - 11:00 am CST Birmingham, AL Thru 11:25 am CST Birmingham, AL

    Thanks for all your hard work.

  • @dzuremar
    04:51 pm CST Birmingham, AL - Current Time
    04:35 pm CST Birmingham, AL - Loop Time

  • @dzuremar
    Current Time - 7:38am (CEST) - Denia, Spain.
    Last Loop - 7:25 (CEST) - Denia, Spain.

    Thanks for your work, lets go to solve this :D

  • @dzuremar
    Current Time - 8:56am (CEST) - Denia, Spain.
    Last Loop - 8:28(CEST) - Denia, Spain.

    Video demostrating the problem ->

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