Some notes for article publisher

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    Notes about importance

    • extreme - red warning should be equal to CAP Alerts scale
    • severe - orange warning should be equal to CAP Alerts scale
    • moderate - yellow warning should be equal to CAP Alerts scale
    • windyAnnounce
    • forecast - just normal weather analysis, describing what will happen in next days
    • windyTutorial
    • educational
    • timeKilling

    What mechanism is used to display articles on HP of Windy

    • Articles are sorted by importance. Language match add 1 to importance and country match 2
    • If the most important article has importance 3 points higher then 2nd most important it remains on prominent position
    • It the article is updated, we consider this as a completely new article and all user's counters are reset
    • If a user will see article link on HP more than 3 times (whereas we consider "see" in period of 12hours, so reloads does not count) article is removed from HP
    • Only extreme/severe/moderate warnings and windyAnnounce to be displayed on HP

    Privacy note: All this sorting is done client side in user's browser and we do not monitor or store user's behaviour in any way.

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