• Even on calm days, the app shows forecasts of high wind gusts which are incorrect and don't happen- I have checked this since I fly to certain locations. VERY MISLEADING. JUST REMOVE IT FROM APP.

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    Very weird request! If you consider that gusts forecasts of each model are not reliable, do not look at them! There are people who are only interested in gusts. So....

  • There is just one thing that's missing in this excellent app: a layer with cold & warm fronts. Or are I missing something?

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  • @CITIZEN500

    I disagree with your suggestion that the gust layer be removed. Don’t use it if it's not useful to you.

    It’s the model that generates the gust forecasts, Windy just displays them.

    i.e. The models need improving.


    If you take the gust display out of Windy, you firstly won’t know there's a problem with the model (nor when it’s been improved and become usefully accurate) and secondly you’ll have no indication of the more likely areas for gusty winds to occur.

    Models get development work where their inaccuracies have become obvious and problematic. If we want useful and accurate gust displays then point that out to the people producing the models as to the inadequacy of the gust forecast and hopefully they’ll have that scheduled for further development.

    At present the gust overlay may not be accurate but it’s far from useless. It’s useful for watching and timing the movement of weather changes and coastal surges of associated squall lines, etc. Which is very useful to see coming, even in 3-hourly steps.

  • Not a complaint, but just trying to bring this to light! Maybe someone can address fixing it and please do not discredit the observation here. I don't know if anyone from Windy is reading this, but I agree with the post that the wind GUST information is not accurate. All other info seems good, like sustained wind is OK. I have compared the gust info to other weather sources (predictions and to actual wind gusts)...the gust info on this site is way overstated. It is almost like a multiplier is getting used. Not sure, but someone needs to compare this info to other reputable sources and check. I am not making it up, check for yourself. Prove that the Windy gust info is in line with other official sources. Whatever they are using on the Windy site is incorrect for gusts. We use the app for all its features EXCEPT gusts. We rely on weather forecasts for our business... We also subscribe to two highly précised and official professional-custom forecasts...so we do know a thing or two about weather and forecasts. Thanks...take these comments and improve! Keep up the good work at Windy!

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    @hope4411 Please see my detailed reply to your other post here: https://community.windy.com/topic/9480/incorrect-wind-speed/9

    You mention again 'reputable and official sources', but:

    "Windy does not create any forecast data but instead only visualises forecast and actual data received from various third party providers".

    These third party providers ARE the reputable and official (and normally governmental) global weather data providers, such as ECMWF, GFS, NEMS, ICON-EU, AROME, NAM, etc.

    Many other Weather forecast providers use this same data too (especially the free GFS model), and some add their own manipulations as well.

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    Also, have you considered using Windy's "Observation vs Forecast" Feature?

    How To Use The "Observation vs Forecast" Feature:

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