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    We are pleased to announce that you can now send the data from your Weather Stations directly to Windy. We have created API endpoints, which allows you to send us your data, see the documentation below. To ensure large compatibility between different manufacturers of personal weather stations we have inspired ourselves in already existing solutions.

    Please bear in mind that this's still early beta version and all data might be deleted. However, we'll do our best not to. Also, send us the maximum amount of data even though we will not display them now. We will evaluate all the data and we might add those parameters later.

    To set up your PWS account visit Windy Station website. You need to register and generate your API key. The station will appear on Windy in about 30 minutes after receiving the first data.

    We will be displaying data in 5 minutes steps. So, it's not nessary send us data every minute, 5 minutes will be fine.

    To access the raw data from Windy follow this manual.

    The licence for the received data is here.

    Personal Weather Station Upload Protocol

    There are two ways for data upload:

    A/ GET Parameters


    You can update single station info and measurements.




    Use for upload data for one or more stations in a single call.


    JSON for creating (updating info about) 2 stations and uploading observations for these stations.

    		{station:0, name:"My Home Station", lat:48.2, lon:28.6, elevation:80, tempheight:2, windheight:10},
    		{station:1, name:"My Other Station", "lat":47.1, lon:31.2, elevation:122, tempheight:2, windheight:8}
    		{station:0, dateutc:"2019-03-15T06:15:34", temp:1.2, wind:2.8, winddir:189, gust:3.7, rh:76},
    		{station:1, dateutc:"2019-03-15T06:15:34", temp:2.6, wind:1.1, winddir:135, gust:2.5, rh:65}


    URL Parameter

    • API Key [text, required] - API key generated for each registered user at PWS web API

    Info Part Parameters

    Station record in the database is created as soon as required info params are uploaded (station, lat, lon).

    • station - 32 bit integer; required for multiple stations; default value 0; alternative names: si, stationId
    • shareOption - text one of: Open, Only Windy, Private; default value is Open
    • name - text; user selected station name
    • latitude - number [degrees]; required; north–south position on the Earth`s surface
    • longitude - number [degrees]; required; east–west position on the Earth`s surface
    • elevation - number [metres]; height above the Earth's sea level (reference geoid); alternative names: elev, elev_m, altitude
    • tempheight - number [metres]; temperature sensor height above the surface; alternative names: agl_temp
    • windheight - number [metres]; wind sensors height above the surface; alternative names: agl_wind


    • station - 32 bit integer; required for multiple stations; default value 0; alternative names: si, stationId
    • time - text; iso string formated time "2011-10-05T14:48:00.000Z"; when time (or alternative) is NOT present server time is used
    • dateutc - text; UTC time formated as "2001-01-01 10:32:35"; (alternative to time)
    • ts - unix timestamp [s] or [ms]; (alternative to time)
    • temp - real number [°C]; air temperature
    • tempf - real number [°F]; air temperature (alternative to temp)
    • wind - real number [m/s]; wind speed
    • windspeedmph - real number [mph]; wind speed (alternative to wind)
    • winddir - integer number [deg]; instantaneous wind direction
    • gust - real number [m/s]; current wind gust
    • windgustmph - real number [mph]; current wind gust (alternative to gust)
    • rh - real number [%]; relative humidity ; alternative name: humidity
    • dewpoint - real number [°C];
    • pressure - real number [Pa]; atmospheric pressure
    • mbar - real number [milibar, hPa]; atmospheric pressure alternative
    • baromin - real number [inches Hg]; atmospheric pressure alternative
    • precip - real number [mm]; precipitation over the past hour
    • rainin - real number [in]; rain inches over the past hour (alternative to precip)
    • uv - number [index];

    All fields must be URL escaped.

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Thanks for this great work, I'm sure it will make a lot of users happy.

  • Meteorologist

    Can you explain what happens if I'm already sending data to CWOP which you already ingest via MADIS and display on your site? Meaning what happens if I also send you data directly? Is there a benefit then to still sending you data? Will you provide data contributors with any station data analysis or tools?

  • Hi
    I have got my station data sending now :)
    via the software :)

  • and its working (i.e my data is showing on the map)
    good stuff!

  • Administrator

    This post is deleted!
  • Administrator

    @galfert For you there is no difference

  • ah,OK , I can change the URL
    I realise it is BETA still :)
    I just realised my data was already showing via MIDAs (i.e via CWOP) anyway
    but I am getting a OK result from the HTTP GET, so hopefully the data is being received OK :)

  • actually I see that when you check your station info after registering there is a button to take to you view your data
    and that shows my actual data that is sent, as the station name is what I registered it up as :) , so it is working, yah

  • I'm sorry, but I do not understand what I have to do ..
    Can someone give me a tutorial, step by step?

  • @leopol2 I am in the same situation

  • | Premium

    I fully agree. I don't understand any of this. It should be straightforward but it is not.
    I am sending my data to Wunderground. That was easy.

  • Meteorologist

    It is simple and easy as Weather Underground if your weather station software adds the support for this new Windy feature. What weather station do you have? Also mention what weather software (that talks to your station) are you using if any? If you just have an regular Ambient Weather or Acurite Station or Davis (or even something else) without any additional software then you are limited to only uploading to what the hardware manufacture put in ...which is namely to just upload to Weather Underground and maybe that manufacture's own cloud service. Unless the hardware manufacture sends out an update to your hardware to support new features then you'll have to resort to other means to expand the use of your station to upload to other places.....So...if you add hardware and software (like Weather-Display, WeeWx, Meteobridge, Acuparse, Cumulus, WiFiLogger...etc) to your station even if it is an Ambient or Acurite then you can gain extra capabilities to send your data to other places. Not all software choices I listed are compatible with all stations manufactures, but pretty much all have something that is compatible.

  • Weather station Oregón Wmr 200
    Software Cuñis 1.9.4
    You could not do a short tutorial, step by step, explaining the process for a non-expert.
    if I could also exist, translation for non-English speakers, better ...
    I've been uploading data to I'm uploading to wundergroun and weathercloud a year ago

  • @leopol2
    Cumulus 1.9.4..

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    The site does not work properly just now. We are working on a fix.

    If you’re not successful with saving the station, just try Chrome browser. You need to select location in map, not by using lat/lon. Also, the height of wind and tempmeters must be in whole numbers.

    I’ll let you when it’s fixed.

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    Absolutely outstanding, this is great. Very easy to upload data this way. Thank you for including both GET and POST methods.

  • Been working great here overnight, uploading data
    I really like how you can see your data you have uploaded
    and then your forecast data too :)
    great stuff ! :),174.608,8,i:pressure

  • The owner of MeteoBridge (Boris) is in work adding windy to it's lineup of feeding weather sites. The last message I read there says he is working on finalizing the upload method. Should be any day now if your a Meteobridge owner


  • I am sending my data via Cumulus MX, it seems to be working apart from the pressure which I am sending in hPa.

    I send .


    and it appears on as Pressure = 10hPa ?

    My station ID is f06ebac8

    Any ideas?

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