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  • I wonder if possible to remove the error data. I thought pressure is hpa, now I use mbar:-/

  • @SteveFitz1 I had to delete station, recreate it and then were the data displayed.

  • @jdjeff58 said in Report your Weather Station Data to Windy:

    I got my station up and running through Weather Display Software (ID: f06afffe). But there are some things I don't understand when viewing this website on my desktop PC.
    1.I have to select "nearest weather stations" to bring up a box with all the nearby stations. I found my station and set it as a favorite. Why is there a message on my station banner at the bottom of the weather map that says "There is duplicate station D5731?
    2. When setting up the station it is not clear what station ID is supposed to be. I first set mine to "Exeter". But I see all other stations nearby are using the format like the duplicate station D5731 Where are they getting these ID's? I just made up a number since then and now it's called "D2657: Exeter". Is this what everyone else is doing? Just making up ID's? My f06afffe doesn't seem to have this letter followed by 4 number format.
    3. If I set my station as my startup page, it always starts up zoomed out showing entire US. If I zoom in I see the last number in the URL changes from 5 to 8. If I save my bookmark with 8 at the end to start up zoomed in, it reverts to 5 zoomed out when I reload the page. If I change the start up location to GPS, it will save my last zoom value 8 but now centers on the flashing ISP dot. And how do I get rid of the flashing dot showing my ISP location (IP address origin)?

    Geez...I'm not even sure how I found my way in this thread.

  • Administrator

    did you create two stations? Since f06afffe does not show any data nor is displayed on Windy. However D5731 does share data without any problem.

    Please enclose a screenshot of this message - "There is duplicate station D5731".

    You can bookmark your station view with zoom in level 8, however if you reload page again, it will go back to the default zoom 5.

    Thank you.

  • I see visibility parameter from station API. But I didn't see the information about visibility. If is available for update API? And what's its unit, kilometers or miles?

  • Dear support,

    is the "Info Part Parameters" section of the first post here still actual?
    On 8.3.2020 at 13:00 I started getting this reply from server after data upload:

    Station 0 issues: invalid station info params: 'name'

    Windy server responds with successful code 200, but with this message.
    As the 'name' parameter is optional, I have removed it from the uploading data and it works fine now.

    Please keep the upload protocol updated.
    Thank you for your great services :-)

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