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  • I am sending my data via Cumulus MX, it seems to be working apart from the pressure which I am sending in hPa.

    I send .


    and it appears on as Pressure = 10hPa ?

    My station ID is f06ebac8

    Any ideas?

  • Administrator

    @mcrossley send us the link to your station, we will have look.

  • @TomSlavkovsky

    On Windy it is...,-2.243,8

    Here is a recent data sample for the HTTP GET...


    As you can see I use mixed metric/imperial units - only wind speeds in imperial.

    My personal station web site

  • Meteorologist

    I'm not a Cumulus 1 expert but from looking at the documentation for that software it doesn't appear that there is a way to enable Cumulus 1 to send to any other service than what you already see in the settings page of the program.

    If you want to upload to Windy I suggest you change your software. Perhaps give Cumulus MX a try. It will work with Cumulus MX. Cumulus 1.9.4 is is almost 6 years old and will not be updated further. Sure Cumulus 1.9.4 may work fine for you and other people but as new services and things come about you will not be able to take advantage of them such as this with

    Cumulus MX only runs on Linux though Update I was misinformed. Cumulus MX runs on various operating systems. There is plenty of help regarding this in the Cumulus just because you are not tech savvy and have maybe never used the MX version should not be a reason to be afraid to try it. You can even run it on a cheap Raspberry Pi (Linux version). Very little space used and very little power.

    Sorry for the bad news regarding original Cumulus 1.

  • Meteorologist

    Thank you for doing this. It is most interesting and seems like it will be more timely than getting updates via MADIS.

    I do have a question...Is there a way to see on the map all of the stations that have made their data public? I think it would be neat to see these stations on the map.

  • @galfert
    Cumulus MX runs just fine on Windows , and Macs as well as Linux ;)

  • I use Davis' to share my Vantage Pro2 Plus PWS data to Weather Underground and CWOP, would be incredibly awesome if the team behind Windy gets in touch with Davis so that they can add Windy to their "Uploads" capability. They just ask for a station ID and password. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Meteorologist

    @mcrossley ah thank you for informing me!

  • Meteorologist

    For anyone with the following weather software follow these links for instructions on how to upload to Windy. Weather-Display requires installing latest update. For WeeWx it is like a plug-in extension. For Meteobridge and Cumulus these are custom http methods to upload to Windy. Meaning a simpler solution will most likely come out soon when these software packages get their next update. But if you want to do this now follow these guides.


    Cumulus MX

    Weather-Display (download latest .zip update),67611.0.html


  • @TomSlavkovsky Ah, I think I see the problem, "pressure" is expecting Pa not hPa. That means I cannot use a simple tag value substitution, I would need to multiply the hPa value by 100 :(

    Maybe you could add a barommb option to upload in mb/hPa?

  • Unable to add a station. The 'save' button does nothing.

  • @galfert Yep, got mine working with Weather-Display today, simple and seamless.

  • @Mapantz I had that issue and I was trying to use 1.5 for the temp height. Even though it didn't throw an error, when I changed it to 2, it worked.

  • @roqz Well, while Davis adds support for Windy, I wrote a horrible Python 3 script to interface Davis' public JSON API to Windy's API. I will leave it running through the night in a Raspberry Pi to see if it survives, if somebody wants to take a look, let me know.

  • re barometer, you can send in inches instead *using the baromin

  • Hallo
    i use "weewx" by mwall but

    Apr 17 12:15:37 wetter OWFS[18076]: restx: Windy: Failed upload attempt 3: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
    Apr 17 12:15:37 wetter OWFS[18076]: restx: Windy: Failed to publish record 2019-04-17 12:15:00 CEST (1555496100): Failed upload after 3 tries

    the api-key was regenerated


  • Shouldn't it be more appropriate to use a widely known license such as Creative Commons BY-SA or ODbL Open Database License for this community project?

    Especially, this line seems very problematic and unenforcable: « Providers have full right to discontinue providing the data at any moment and require Aggregator and all Consumers to delete its data ». Why put this restriction? No other license do that.

    Will you provide an API to access data form every stations?

  • Administrator

    @nba We consider that observed data belong to owners of PWS. We are just aggregator.

    Yes API will be finished soon and all "Open" data will be avbl

  • I think that the owners should accept that once they put some data here, the data that they already sent should be here forever. It do not think it will be a problem for producers to accept that, as it is a classical requirement. Otherwise it will be really difficult to manage the takedown of archive data, both for windy and other users.
    What happens if someone makes a png map of worldwide yearly temperatures… Need to remake the image everytime someone wants to get his data back? Do you see my point?

    Of course, it's up to you. I am just trying to give some advice.

    Cool for the API! Thanks!

  • When I first saw this I was very excited to be able to post the weather that I am experiencing where I was located instead of getting the weather from some airport or weather station somewhere where I wasn't. Twenty miles can make a big difference. However, after reading some of the posts and looking at selection A & B for posting... I will have to wait till the manual comes out. :-(

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