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  • I think that the owners should accept that once they put some data here, the data that they already sent should be here forever. It do not think it will be a problem for producers to accept that, as it is a classical requirement. Otherwise it will be really difficult to manage the takedown of archive data, both for windy and other users.
    What happens if someone makes a png map of worldwide yearly temperatures… Need to remake the image everytime someone wants to get his data back? Do you see my point?

    Of course, it's up to you. I am just trying to give some advice.

    Cool for the API! Thanks!

  • When I first saw this I was very excited to be able to post the weather that I am experiencing where I was located instead of getting the weather from some airport or weather station somewhere where I wasn't. Twenty miles can make a big difference. However, after reading some of the posts and looking at selection A & B for posting... I will have to wait till the manual comes out. :-(

  • @hes19073 said in Report you Weather Station Data to Windy:

    i use "weewx" by mwall but

    Apr 17 12:15:37 wetter OWFS[18076]: restx: Windy: Failed upload attempt 3: HTTP Error 400: Bad Request
    Apr 17 12:15:37 wetter OWFS[18076]: restx: Windy: Failed to publish record 2019-04-17 12:15:00 CEST (1555496100): Failed upload after 3 tries

    the api-key was regenerated


    i have one API-KEY 32 letter and Number
    also Station ID 8 letter and number
    Windy: Failed to publish record 2019-04-17 14:30:00 CEST (1555504200): Failed upload after 3 tries

    i use windy by weewx and it is the API-KEY


  • Does anyone know how to get data from the WeatherFlow Weather Station to Windy?
    I already have PWS in Windy, but so far no data. I have assigned the Windy API key too.

    For wunderground there is a link directly from the WeatherFlow application to WU. Data goes there from the WeatherFlow cloud.

    WeatherFlow API provides access to observations and meta data for WeatherFlow Smart Weather Stations.
    REST services are available for pulling data.
    The API also supports websocket connections for pushing data to clients.

    Thank you

  • Meteorologist

    @omicron You can run one of the following WeatherFlow compatible solutions. Basically they are weather software.

    • Meteobridge (needs host device to install to)

    • WeeWx + WeatherFlow UDP driver

    • Weather-Display software

  • I wand help. I have Acurite Atlas with Acurite Acces. How to upload my data from my PWS.

  • Meteorologist

    @Kontsarsita For an Acurite Access station the only software that I know of that is compatible is Acuparse. But it doesn't support Windy ...yet. I suggest you send a message to the Acuparse developer and ask them to add Windy...I'm sure he'll do it. Very nice guy. Currently Acuparse only uploads to WU, WeatherCloud, PWSweather, and CWOP. But if you upload to CWOP though with Acuparse...then your station will show up on Windy via MADIS automatically!

  • Meteorologist

    In my Windy station ID pws-f075acbe About section I don't understand Reporting Time: 9m. Why does is say that? Is that 9 minutes? My average delay shows 5 minutes and I've been uploading for almost 24 hours consistently every 5 minutes. I think something is not right. I"m uploading via https method using a Meteobridge. Only thing I can think of is that when I first started I did some manual uploads before I got it scheduled for 5 minute increments. Maybe that affected Reporting Time? Could it be that there is a bug and you are showing my elevation which just so happens to be 9m (meters)???
    Windy About pws-f075acbe.jpg

    My CWOP/MADIS station ID shows Reporting Time: 5m, avg delay: 10m and that makes sense.

  • Administrator

    @galfert it is 3 days average it will self correct in few days

  • @NorthGeorgiaWX said in Report you Weather Station Data to Windy:

    @Mapantz I had that issue and I was trying to use 1.5 for the temp height. Even though it didn't throw an error, when I changed it to 2, it worked.

    haha - That's exactly what I was doing.. 1.5. Like you, I set it to 2, and all good!

  • @mewindy hi Brian how did you get your weather display to upload ?

  • its very similar to how data is sent to wunderground

  • @TomSlavkovsky said in Report you Weather Station Data to Windy:

    So MeteoBridge has added Windy as a provider in the latest firmware.
    I have my CWOP station uploading to Windy now every 5 minutes; however for the life of me, I don't see how to view ANYONES' PWS on or the Android app.
    I have looked through all the layer options, and expert mode?

  • Meteorologist

    The stations are there. But they are going to be hard to find for a few reasons.
    If the station also reports to CWOP then the map will show that instead of the Windy station ID.
    But you can click on a CWOP station and then on the bottom you'll notice that is says that the station has a duplicate with a link to the Windy station ID. Or you can get a direct link from a Windy Station ID owner.
    If the station doesn't report to CWOP then it does show up on the map. It is mixed in with all the other station types, airports and CWOP.
    See here for more info:

  • We have a basic version of the windy uploader working, but only for GET. We continually get a "404" error if we try POST.

    Error: pastebin of the HTTP response for POST

    Here's the uploader for those who are interested: windy extension for WeeWX

    -Tom Keffer
    (author of WeeWX)

  • @galfert @MrMxyzptlk this issue will be addressed shortly.

  • Hello all!!!

    Without having read through the tread I am informing everyone with a meteobridge device that Boris at meteobridge has successfully added Windy to the newest update and it works just fine. To add the fix just reboot your meteobridge, wait for it to boot up then go into Weather Networks section "Add more Weather Networks" at the bottom and your API key and it will work. Take care and enjoy. To Windy.... Thank you so much for your efforts.

    Andy @

  • @andyk1 Problem is that the pressure now reports 10X.

    alt text

    I was seeing this also earlier (I since changed back to using a URL string that does baroin):

    alt text

  • Hi All,
    have followed the instructions for Cumulus MX (i think) but i dont seem to be getting any data through. In the process of checking things it seems the API key changes everytime you look at it? is this expected?

  • Meteorologist

    @Swigman No the API key doesn't change. What is probably happening to you is that you are not copying the entire key and maybe every time you look you move to show a different part of it. You need to either scroll through highlighting the whole thing before you copy or do a Control-A to select all then copy or much easier to use the copy icon to the right of the key then paste it in your software (that copies the whole key with one click). See they only show you in the box a small portion of the whole key. I don't know if for every station's key if it is the same length or not but my key is around 120 characters long.

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