Enroute 2D weather cut (similar to Gramet or Meteoblue)

  • I have asked about this feature long time ago. Is there any possibility to implement it on Windy?

  • There are only a few services that offer cross-section weather along a route:

    1. Gramet - it's old, doesn't update and offer to build a route from airport to airport
    2. Autorouter - an improved version of Gramet. You can check weather along any route and it use more advanced GFS model, but it's still not very reliable.
    3. Meteoblue - the same old GFS data, with, allegedly, some adjustments, but I eventually found, over many flights, that it was too unreliable to tell me anything which wasn’t blindingly obvious from the MSLP.

    So my question is, can we expect such a feature from Windy, considering that you have so much weather data at your finger tips?

  • @Gkikas-LGPZ ,

    well, 1.5 years has passed since that thread. I would really appreciate if they come up with an update to this feature.

  • Meteorologist

    @Gkikas-LGPZ , @TomSlavkovsky ,

    I would also like to add my support for the development and inclusion of a "cross-section" forecast into the Windy platform.

    From an aviation forecasting perspective, this add-in would be greatly appreciated and would be supported from those in the aviation industry (both pilots and forecasters).

    I don't believe the initial version should require the "icing/turb" display presented in the Ogimet GRAMET product. Just a simple cross section of the currently available model weather data (for instance, wind/temp/dew point/RH and cloud groups - possibly precip) between multi-points would be more than adequate to assist with flight planning and weather route monitoring.

    Appreciate all the work and development currently going into this platform.

  • @stitch

    Agree with your proposition and request.

    In addition it would be very much appreciated (by all, I'd bet) if such displays, as per the pop-up weather point location forecasting strip, had the option to expand them up to full-screen size for much easier viewing and comprehension of the displays - at least in the internet version of Windy.


  • @igor-320 concur, this would be a realllllly useful feature.

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