Enroute 2D weather cut (similar to Gramet or Meteoblue)

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    @stitch He is working 12h a day 7days a week and I am standing behind him with a whip.

    Seriously this feature will be so cool that maybe it will be premium service with subscription only.

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    @stitch Well, @ivo drop the whip down please, I swear I will work 8 days a week. We have finished cross section for land and water related things. Now we are working on "air related cross sections". Thanks to beating me with the whip, it seems it will be finished during this month. Stay tuned!

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    @marekd @ivo

    Sounds soooo exciting guys šŸ˜

    Ivo.... name a price, Iā€™m happy to pay a subscription.

    Your whole team deserve all the rewards - Windy is a global brand ..... congrats.

  • Dear Windy team,

    I also would appreciate if you will add an option into the app (as well as into the web version) to visualize your flight planned route (and import it as GPX to save time), so we can have a Poor man's weather radar for pilots :) The app lacks speed control compared to web-version and I also would like to see more frames per time unit (right now it refreshes with a speed of 1 frame/3 minutes). Maybe you can make another time period in addition to 12/6/1 hour, say, for the latest 15 minutes which will be the most frame-dense period (for ex. 1 frame/minute) ? When pilots are already in the air, they're interested only in very latest weather data and 15 minutes may serve this need well.

    I usually fly at lower altitudes and can receive mobile broadband connection from time to time (depending on location) and an option to reduce downloadable traffic is highly demanded. Maybe you can make an option to preload specific part of the map (just like in Google maps) and fine-tune overall downloaded traffic to reduce unnecessary stuff. Again, the goal is to receive fresh & updated data as soon as your phone/tablet receives broadband connection , because it may be lost in next minute.


    alt text

  • Dear Wind team,

    please respond! :)

  • Not exactly cross sections, but something similar: windy-plugin-fp

  • @rittels Thanks! I'll check it out!

    I'm still would like to hear some feedback on my latest request from developers. Right now, there is no way to use the app when you select "Distance & planning" option (long tap anywhere on a map), because you can't save the route and the rest of options are not available when you have selected "Distance & planning".

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    This post is deleted!

  • Any news on this? I have donated before but also would pay to have this feature!

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    Hi, currently there is Route&Planning function. We do plan to broaden its possibilities in the future.

  • Do you have an update or any news on how this feature is progressing along???

  • @sunnywilson09
    No reply yet? . .

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    @sunnywilson09 Hi, we cannot give any update yet, it is among projects we would like to work on.

  • The "distance & planning" tool gives the basic vertcal cross-section, now if you could add a field where we can input a TAS and altitude, and from there you calculate a GS and advance the forecast along the route (like OGIMet or the autorouter GRAMET) it would be fantastic.
    Thanks for a great tool Windy-team!

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