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    Windy is about colors, timelines, particles and...animations. Thanks to our new animation tool now you can create animated GIF from any part ow Windy map.

    Unfortunately the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge is needed.

    desc:Anyone can make animated GIF in just no time

    It takes less than a minute to make animated GIF like this

    desc:Animated GIFs are licenced under Creative Commons

    New animator is heavy duty experimental feature. You can test it now at https://www.windy.com/animate

    Enjoy Ivo

  • Fantastic option. Any chance such functions can be added to the right-mouse button menu within Windy once the experimental kinks are ironed out?

    alt text

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    THANKS! I'm sure many users will take advantage of this, especially media companies that are using Windy in their news and presentations.

  • Windy. I. Just. Love. You. For. This. Amazing. Gif. Feature. 👍👍 best weather animation Site.

  • Ivo, some suggestions:

    Firefox allows me to save the animations locally, rather than just to share them.

    If making animations for WX situation analysis (or say for an article prep) I'd not necessarily want to share the output (until I'm ready ... and if at all). So I'd like to chose to save the resulting animation file locally (i.e. a choice to not share it, as I can already save it locally at present) but also be able to upload an animated Windy GIF into a Windy thread once I'm done prepping what I wanted to animate (from the perspective of a few different overlays of the same area, same scale and same time to show different aspects of the same events).

    So I think this needs an option to either share the output or else to just save it locally with the ability of the thread interface to upload a say 15meg GIF from my local drive (cloud animations get that big, I made one that was 12meg, as saved locally), would be much appreciated for practical use of this outstanding GIF animation feature (when it's done being developed).

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    This post is deleted!

  • i think it would be cool to resize the capture box its a bit clunky and awkward

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