Forecasting for sailors

  • Hello, I am sailing around, and was wondering how can I get these amazing animations of winds, pressure, etc, while I am using my Iridium Go. This would be amazing!!! Sincerely, Bogdan

  • Sailor Moderator

    I don’t think that the Iridium GO can give access to broadband internet and specially to Windy. Here are some information from Ground Control, a distributor of Iridium GO:
    « At an advertised 2.5 Kilobits per second (1 Kbps realistically), the Iridium GO is not a solution to those looking for workable connection for normal Internet use ..... A single standard sized web page (with images) on average takes about 10 minutes to load... A connection to the Internet using the Iridium GO (also known as data minutes) are limited to authorized smartphone and tablet apps, so your existing apps on your device will unfortunately not work over the GO.... Our conclusion is that Internet access with the Iridium GO should be for those who are very patient, preferably with images turned off ». Windy being only animated images, I doubt that you could get it at sea.
    You already use an Iridium GO, so try to get Windy with it and let us know !

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