Finally Windy API with Leaflet 1.4

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    We have just released API v4 that is using Leaflet v 1.4

    So far it is 100% compatible with old API, just replace Leaflet 0.7 with Leaflet 1.4. You can fix it in 5 minutes. Old API will be discontinued 25.5.2019. Details how to do it at

    We also require that you fill name of your App so we could track API usage. Please associate your API key with name of your app at this page:

  • Ivo's note: this was already fixed so code below is not necessary.

    Leaflet 1.4 CSS codes contain serious BUG that we have fixed in our CSS build. So please do not include Leaflet's CSS to your html.

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    Thanks for all your efforts updating the API!

    I found that, after switching to Leaflet v1.4.0, I now need to reference the Leaflet CSS, otherwise the URLs of marker icons are wrong, and the markers do not render correctly. I just needed to add one line in the header of my page:

    < link rel="stylesheet" href="" >

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    @StuY Good point. Tis should be fixed soon, so external CSS will not be needed.

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