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    In my cell phone Samsung Note 9, there is the choice "Find my location". Just in the right down position, you click "windy" and you can see this between "Donate" and "Radar, lighting".

    But in my tablet Samsung Tab S4, above "Radar, lighting" is the "Add to quick menu" which is flashing and a little more upper are the tabs "All, Flying, Water, Ski".

    So this is my question: How to force the app to have my exact location exactly in the center of tablet? Where is the "Find my location" choice in the tablet?

    Thanks in advance.

    Generally speaking the app for Tablet is 10 more times better than the phone. (Both are the best weather apps)

  • Hello @kkantoutsis , do you see this option? If yes, please click on it

    And you should get this -

    If this doesnt help, can you please provide a screenshot? Thank you

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    Hello @Radek M. Yes, now I can see it. I could not find it, because I was in Settings, not in Menu.

    But in any case, it will be better to be able to have it directly in the map. For example left of the picture photo or in the empty down-left square angle. You plan to do it?

  • @kkantoutsis

    Honestly this is not now our priority or even something what we considering at this moment.

    Best regards

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