Forecast times >24 hours in the embedded Windy widget

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to show a forecast of +2 days and +3 days in the embedded widget?

    I've been using this tool to embed Windy on a webpage:,0.000,5

    The "Forecast for:" drop-down allows only "Now", "Next 12 hours" and "Next 24 hours". From playing with the "calendar=" parameter in the tool's generated HTML link, I have found the following values work:
    blank (=0), 12 and 24 hours (same as the "Forecast for:" drop-down)
    112 hours
    120 to 129 hours
    224 to 249 hours
    (250+ hours not tested).
    For other values the widget appears the same as for "Now".

    So I have +5 days and + 10 days working, but not + 2 days, or + 3 days. I'm surprised that "calendar=" doesn't work with all multiples of 12 hours, and the range of values which do work is quite strange.

    Is this a bug with the "calendar=" parameter? How can I get + 2 days, or + 3 days?


  • Hi @fodfish,

    Unfortunately. The embed widget show forecast only for NOW, next 12 hours or 24 hours as you can choose from a list.

    Maybe we will change this in the future. I would inform you.

    Best regards

  • Hi Radek, thanks for the reply. I see that the configuration tool list only has those 3 options. But I have found that others are in fact supported +5 days (calendar=120) and +10 days (calendar=240). I just wondered if the "calendar=" parameter was documented somewhere, and why it accepts some values and not others. Thanks!

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