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    I've noticed a few differences when reporting to Windy directly with my station versus my CWOP station that also shows up on Windy. If you thought there wasn't any benefit to having a Windy station if you already have a CWOP station this might give you some incentive. If you know of other differences please share.

    • The reporting delay is much better with a Windy station as the data shows up immediately after posting and has an average delay of 5 minutes. By uploading every 5 minutes your data is never older than 5 minutes. With a CWOP station the data is delayed on average about 10 minutes, which means the data can actually be as old as 15 or 19 minutes.
      Windy dalay.png

    • With a Windy station you get rain forecasting. With my CWOP station I don't see the rain forecasting.
      Windy Forecasted Rain.png

    • Windy stations show a graph label called Category which I have no idea what it represents as there doesn't seem to be any data or indication as to what this means. CWOP stations don't have this. If anyone knows please let us know.
      Windy Category.jpg

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    @galfert thank you for the overview.

    to the category, this should not be displayed in PWS station. The category should be shown only on Airports. It describes the visibility.


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    @TomSlavkovsky Thank you for the clarification.

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