Windy Alert Notification for CAP Alerts / Weather Warnings?

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    • Is it possible to select a location (or maybe even a geographic region?) and have a Windy Alert Notification automatically sent whenever a CAP Alert is issued for that location?

    If no, can this feature please be added? I think this would be very helpful.

    Also, a couple of requests from the original Weather Warnings New Layer thread

    • Can the 'Colourize by type of danger' toggle button setting please be added to the URL string?
      I would like to save a favourite in my browser and go directly to my preferred view.

    • Can two more colour schemes be added please:

    1: No Data Available
    Windy doesn't receive CAP Alerts for this location.
    Add a new colour and add a new label 'No Data' to the colour legend

    2: No Warnings Reported
    Windy is receiving Cap Alerts for this location, but no alert has been issued.
    Keep the existing grey colour and add a new label 'No Warnings' to the colour legend

    From a safety perspective this would make it 100% clear to the user if there Is a warning, if there Is Not a warning, or if there is No Data Available, especially when looking at a large area overview as below:

    alt text

    THANKS! :)

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    Bump now that Easter and May Day holidays are over :)

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Bump. Do you have some thoughts on if these small but useful changes can be implemented @TomSlavkovsky ? THANKS :)

  • Global Moderator

    nice proposals @jmh2002 , thanks! it is not the priority now, but we plan to do some more work on Cap Alerts in the future. we will consider these proposals for sure.

    but especially the "no data/no warning" visualisation would be pretty tricky to implement since the feeds are coming from various sources, where you cannot be sure what area they can cover. also, some feeds provide areas which are identified by an "area code", but have no other geographical information. if you don't have the database of these codes and their geographical representation (and that is the case from time to time), you have no chance to construct such visualisation...

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    Thanks for the update and the further explanatory information, it's most appreciated :)

  • @jmh2002
    Yes I would absolutely love to have notification sent to my phone... I'm kinda new to Windy, but i love it so far, I was trying to get it set up the rest of the way...
    Thank you!
    Holly Gervais

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