How to Access the Windy Stations Data

  • There are three options to access the data from Windy Stations.

    Data from your station for the last 30 days

    GET method:

    All stations metadata with Open data policy

    GET method:

    Station data with Open data policy for the last 30 days

    GET method:

    The API-KEY is possible to generate on the Windy Stations website. The STATION ID might be found here or by listing all stations metadata.

  • Meteorologist

    Can you provide a way to list all the Open data policy stations? Also it would be nice to have a filter on the map to only see Windy stations (taking out airports and CWOP ..etc).

  • @galfert to list all the open data policy stations you should use the second method and after obtaining station ids apply the first method.

    We are planning to add the possibility to filter only Windy Stations. It should be ready soon.

  • It appears that the temp and dewpoint data is being returned incorrectly, as this is what I see for my station ID: f06e5d29.

    temp: [ 281.75000038147, 281.950000190735, 282.25000038147, 282.54999961853, 282.75000038147, 282.450000190735, 282.349999809265, 282.04999961853, 281.950000190735, 282.54999961853, 283.04999961853, 283.349999809265, 282.950000190735, 282.65, (...) ]

    The data displayed in the on-line map seems to be the same as my weather station.

    In addition, there is no rainfall data included.

    It would also be useful if you could provide a "last 24 hours" report, or even allow for the time period to be specified in the request. Returning 288 data points per day is really overkill, for some applications, at least.

  • @chezburke I think the APIs use Kelvin for temperatures.

  • @mcrossley Ahh...thank you.

    Odd...but at least now I know :)

  • @chezburke You're welcome, and despite the upload API using Pascals as the default unit, the download API uses hectoPascals ;)

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