help needed to add ACURITE weather station

  • My Station ID is KFLCRAWF38, and is currently sharing with weather underground

  • Meteorologist

    You need to look into setting up Acuparse to work with your station. But you won't have ability to upload to Windy just yet. I've communicated with the developer of Acuparse and they assured me that they are looking into adding this in a future update. But if you aren't already up and running now with Acuparse you should start looking at it and start getting things setup now. You'll gain other capabilities right away as you familiarize yourself with Acuparse.

    Another tip.. By using Acuparse you can send to CWOP. Every CWOP station automatically shows up on Windy now. It isn't exactly the same thing as data is delayed longer with CWOP on Windy and you don't get the precipitation forecast and you don't have the other API features like being able to use that data in other ways via API, but it's better than nothing as we wait for Acuparse to catch up and support Windy directly.

    Their website:

    Their github to follow Windy support progress:

  • Thank you I’ll check this out

  • Support for Windy added in 2.9.0.

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