Windy on Firetv, Fire stick using Silk browser

  • Love on iPhone and laptop.
    Trying to use on Firetv via the Silk Browser.
    You can go to and it shows BUT...
    no Zoom (+ / -), no triple horizontal "menu" on upper right,
    does not pan the map when you hit the edge up/down, left/fight.
    actually no panning at all, cannot see "more layers" only what shows on the screen, etc
    Does anyone know a solution??
    I see that double clicking on the Fire remote center button on HOME icon does Zoom in but then no Zoom out.
    It sure would be nice to have an app/apk or at least some tricks to make it work on streaming devices.
    It acts exactlly the same way using the Firefox browser on the Firetv, Fire stick.
    Thanks for any help... please make an apk/app.

  • Zoom (+ / -) on upper RIGHT, no triple horizontal "menu" on upper LEFT,

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