Startup location changes from my chosen location

  • I set my startup location to be one of my favourites but upon startup, it defaults to a different nearby location. Why does this happen? Safari Version 12.1 (14607.

  • Hello @SEJ, can you provide a screen please? What is the favourites location and where exactly it is showing? When it happens? Always when you go to or by some time?

    I tried it on my favourites and everything looks good, I will monitoring it.

    So if you can, please give me more information, thank you.

    Best regards

  • @Radek-M
    Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 19.14.31.png Hi,
    My preferred location is Withymoor Village, it's where I live.
    In Windy Settings, my startup location is Withymoor Village. It is set in Safari (Version 12.1 (14607. as my home page. When Safari loads Windy goes to another nearby location - not my homepage or my preferred start up page - which is Withymoor Village!
    If I open a new tab in Safari, go to another random page, let just say google, if I then key in the browser address bar "" and hit enter, it does actually go to my preferred start up location - see the screenshot. BUT when Safari starts up and loads my homepage which is set to Withymoor Village, that is when I end up at another nearby location - not Withymoor Village! Very annoying.
    The same thing happens in Firefox and google chrome so I don't thin this is just a Safari issue.
    Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 18.53.13.png Screenshot 2019-05-08 at 18.52.48.png

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