Include/display model surface elevation field

  • Meteorologist | Premium

    Hi Windy developers,

    this request applies to forecasting in mountainous areas but can also have application to general elevated areas.

    It is a common issue with all NWP output with regards to any displayed model fields in regions of high elevation variability. And is not isolated to this Windy product.

    I have seen erroneous surface field output (say surface temperature/winds etc) for point locations in mountainous areas and in practice I have identified say the temperature at an elevation higher than the chosen point and then used adiabatic warming to make the correction for the surface temperature.

    To get a model perspective of the temperature it is forecasting at a grid point in highly variable terrain, could the Windy developers include as an additional layer the "model surface elevation field (map) - just the static image.

    This would provide (for me at least) the height (model averaged) of that grid (for EC 9kmx9km) of interest and so I can then apply whatever correction is required to the forecast weather parameter (temperature/dew point) within that grid area.

    Hopefully this request can be easily accommodated.

  • Sailor Moderator

    That would be interesting to have a model altitude map, but more useful would be to show the model altitude on Meteogram for the chosen location, for each selected model.

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