cannot set altitude

  • Error no: 2

    "runningMs": 186686,
    "type": "user",
    "module": "isolines",
    "msg": "Error loading/rendering isolines",
    "line": null,
    "col": null,
    "url": "şka-katman-göster-ekle/overlays?800h,rain,36.424,30.447,10,i:deg0,m:eF5agXJ",
    "script": null,
    "ver": "19.6.0",
    "target": "index",
    "latestBcast": "bcast: paramsChanged (4393ms. ago)
    render: rendered isolines (3446ms. ago)
    store: isolines gh (359ms. ago)
    bcast: paramsChanged (259ms. ago)
    bcast: noConnection http (1ms. ago)
    "sessionName": "tr-emredeicide",
    "sessionCounter": 3,
    "lang": "tr",
    "retina": true,
    "size": "2560x1440",
    "glParticles": true,
    "platform": "desktop",
    "errorID": "error-loadingrendering-isolines"

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