New on Windy: Detail forecast for 10 days and more innovations

  • Administrator

    Windy v 19.7.0 brings some sweet innovations

    • Detail forecast (now 6 days) can be extended to 10 days

    • Forecast model NEMS in detail was renamed to METEOBLUE. There is quite difference in between these two. NEMS4 is forecast model covering just central Europe, while METEOBLUE, from Swiss company is ensemble of multiple models together, and covers whole world.

    • On mobile there is no more sliding window with nearest webcams, yet the slide up gesture still works.

    • We have simplified a little bit menu on mobile devices

    • Our super popular Animate feature now produces also videos (alongside with animated GIFs) in webM format. We will investigate to use mp4 format too.

    • Owners of PWS now can finally get their credits (logo and link to their website)

    Screenshot 2019-05-07 at 12.38.47.png;licence: cc

    So enjoy...

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    THANKS! for the continued development of features :)

  • @ivo how do you disable the feature for extending the detail forecast?

  • Ivo,

    Still unable to get the video option to create an animation in Firefox 66.0.4.

    Every time "Stop Capture" is pressed the animation system crashes.

    GIF animation capture still works as before.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Don’t extend the detail forecast, you will not need to disable it.

    We know that local detail forecasts beyond 6 days are not reliable. The 10 days forecasts are only useful at large scale, which is the scale of layers on the map. People who look to 10 days detail forecast are generally very disappointed. Increasing the length of detail forecasts is giving a false feeling of skill and precision. At least @ivo should consider to add a confidence index which is based on the ensemble model spread forecast.

  • do you plan to add percentage of cloud coverage in the forecasts

  • Administrator

    Hello, we do have a Clouds layer, where you can see a cloud and rain/snow accumulation in the past 3 hours.


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