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    Hello, I'm working with your winds. It's a great thing. But there could be more products to build on your own website. A few suggestions predict pollen, uv index, rain gauge stations, prediction of fire, special map for lightning detection, hydrological warnings. These are my suggestions for you that I would like to welcome to windyty. Thanks you are great.

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    Thanks for your feedback. Some of these requests are already available through specific layers and/or the CAP Alerts.

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    @jmh2002 is right. In your list of suggestion there are only pollen and UV index missing.

  • Hi, Fantastic Website and great access to Model Data. Are there more ECMWF Fields that you could put up or a seperate section for Upper Air parameters >?

    Such as
    Potential Vorticity
    Potential Vorticity Advection
    Temperature Advection
    Thickness 1000/500mb
    Thickness 1000/850mb
    Temperature Advection
    Vertical Velocity Fields
    PSuedo WV / IR Imagery from the Models

    Thanks for your consideration and please keep up the fantastic website - it really is impressive.

    Paul Blight

  • @PJB2020
    Hi - Just seeing if anyone can comment on whether any of my suggestions for data can be implemented ?

    Thanks v much

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