displaying synchronised wind windows showing winds at different altitudes

  • I fly a paramotor using winds aloft to do triangles at different altitudes with 3 tailwind legs. The following video shows ideal conditions

    My biggest triangle so far is 313 km triangle

    Below is a mock up using iframes to show winds at 4 different altitudes.

    Is anyone interested in working on this to develop a way to synchronise these views to browse forward and back through time (and ideally pan to different locations)?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance,
    Peter Evans

  • Code contributor | Premium


    Hi Peter. I am working on a flight planner, that you might find useful. The plugin calculates ground speed, from your IAS and Wind speed at your chosen alt, and determines the corrected ETE.

    Can I ask: What is your airspeed ? (74kph). What are your waypoints?

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