Meteogram time is not aligned with the timeline

  • Paraglider | Premium

    Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 10.28.34 PM.png

    As you can see on the screenshot

    • the time on the meteogram is 6h on Monday 13
    • the time on the timeline is 18h on Monday 13.

    Given the temperature (31C), it seems that the timeline shows the correct time - ie the time of the forecasts currently displayed on the map (18h).

    I'm wondering if this is linked to the extended forecasts having less data points that the near forecasts (every 6h vs every 3h) and that is not taken into account on the timeline ?

  • Please forgive my question if I've missed something here, but are you sure the sample flag's point forecast location coincides with the meteogram's point forecast location for that time range? There appears to be a considerable temperature gradient across that image.

  • Paraglider | Premium

    Windy shows the meteogram at the picker (flag) location.
    Températures match for near term forecasts.

  • @vicb

    I ask as I tried multiple ways but could not reproduce a time offset like your graphic displays.

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