User wishes to pick up where he left off

  • Logged in user selects "Radar, Lightning", and hits the + button a few times to zoom in on his island.

    The next day when he turns on his computer and logs in, he is back where he started and has to do those actions all over to pick up where he left off.

    Compare this with .

  • Moderator

    You can save the URL as a bookmark / favourite in your browser. In Windy the URL saves most of the parameters.

    So for example I have bookmarks saved for my favourite locations and weather views (CAP Alerts, clouds, radar, sea temperature, etc).

  • @jmh2002 OK. (That will be the first bookmark I've needed to make in 20 years.)
    But such solutions won't also work on the Andriod app. Therefore I think the Android app's solution to the problem should be also made to work on Desktop.

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