URGENT: What is the right API lib at the moment?

  • In my site I found the following text: “This page is using deprecated beta version of Windy API…” I’m using version of libBoot 18.5.0... and when updating the leaflet to 1.4.0, API stops working completely. I have also tried the original (https://api4.windy.com/assets/libBoot.js ), but then I lost all my settings for the default view… So what should I do now to save my sites?

  • Administrator

    Hi @saaneuvos. Sorry for all inconviences. You are using beta version of old API lib which will be discontinue at the end of May. That is because we switched to new leaflet version and we do not want to maintenance two versions of API libs. What you should do now:

    1. Use leaflet 1.4.0: https://unpkg.com/leaflet@1.4.0/dist/leaflet.js.
    2. Do not use leaflet CSS file, it has some bugs. API lib should download fixed styles on its own.
    3. Use API lib from https://api4.windy.com/assets/libBoot.js

    That should be all you have to do. If something fails, please send me a link of your dev version.

  • HI @marekd . I already tried that, but the problem is that there the updated API changes the default wiev. For examble in one maps I have put a regulation:
    store.set('overlay', 'rh');
    store.set('level', '700h');
    store.set('isolines', 'pressure');
    store.set('product', 'iconEu');

    But in updated version the default overlay "rh" seem to changes "wind" and default model "iconEu" changes to "gfs" also the level 700h changes here to sealevel.. You can see the changes here: https://snag.gy/oWbAOR.jpg

  • Administrator

    @saaneuvos I am really sorry, but I need a live demo. JPG is hard to debug :-)

  • OK. This is now live and buging, So I hope you can look it quite soon...

  • Thanks, it was fast :) Everything seem to work now...

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