• The user opens the Android app and tries very hard is to find where the menu is. Even if there is no menu please add one anyway and fill it with a single page explanation. You know I'm talking about one of those hamburger menus. The three lines. In fact I cannot think of any other app in the entire world that doesn't have a menu somewhere.

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    Menus can be opened as follows:

    • Touch User icon to see Favourites
    • Touch Layer icon to see Layers (and scroll down to Settings)

    Also if you are logged in the settings are synced between the app and your browser.

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    Please send me a screenshot what you see in the app.

  • I see.

    Well nobody will guess that what on Desktop is the hamburger menu
    contents are hiding under "Wind" ((current) layers button).

    In fact they will think "I am already happy looking at the wind. I want
    to find e.g., Settings, not Rain, so Wind (layers button) is the last
    thing I would think of tapping."

    Therefore the hamburger button needs its own position on the Home screen.

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    @jidanni this will be changed in the near future.

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