Hour by hour forecast?

  • Probably no further explanation required. At the moment 3 hourly forecast steps seem large. Is it feasible to look at reducing that?


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    Windy visualize weather model data provided by major meteorological services (ECMWF, NOAA, DWD...). The default model used by Windy is ECMWF. This model has 3h forecast steps. So Windy can’t change it. The other models offer 1h forecast steps which are displayed by the time slider. So depending where you live, you may use one of these models.


    However on the forecast diagram for a location you get only 3h steps forecast for all models.

  • Interesting. It was the forecast diagram I was really referring to. In the email I received for your reply it actually says at the end..

    'However on the forecast diagram for a location you get only 3h steps forecast for all models. That could be changed'

    ... but in your post the sentence 'That could be changed' has been removed! It would be extremely handy to have 1 hour steps in the forecast so I'm hoping there might be further comments here as to whether this could in fact be done.

    Thanks for responding though.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Right I finally deleted this sentence. Because I am not a Windy developper and it could be misunderstood. Theoretically it could be changed in the forecast diagram, but that should need more space per day and may be cause other issues.

  • Absolutely - you were being diplomatic ;-)
    I just wanted to find out if it was theoretically possible. In fact, because the app displays in landscape it could be possible to have hourly steps displayed only whilst in landscape view. Do Windy developers/staff reply in the forum? (I'm new to the app and this forum). Or should I ask the question directly/via the feedback link.

  • Sailor Moderator

    Yes sometime Windy team members reply, and at least they read all the posts. Then changes depend on their priorities.

  • @idefix37 Many Thanks.

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    I have been exploring many weather apps, and so far Windy is my favourite. But that is only despite the fact that it doesn't have hourly forecasts in the forecast diagram. I find myself gravitating still toward other apps because of that shortfall. Adding that feature would actually get me to delete every other weather app I have. The time slider means you can't visualize the whole hour by hour picture at one time, so not nearly as useful.

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