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    it is necessary to add lifted index maps

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    @Pablo-ochera Hi, could you explain in more detail what you mean?

  • @TomSlavkovsky Hi,
    Lifted index is a measure of atmosphere's stability (or instability) and it is used to determine the thunderstorm potential. It is a useful tool to estimate the atmosphere's potential to produce severe thunderstorms.
    It is a very important parameter and i hope to add it.
    Thank you

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    IMHO: many years ago, when wx. models provided output only for rain,
    it was usefull to have LI, K-index etc, to forecast tstms (or showers).

    Now, wx. models (e.g. ECMWF) provide thunderstorm forecasts (light-moderate-heavy), can separate rain-snow-tstms and even provide lightning (density) forecasts.
    Those forecasts are considering a lot of parameters (including instability).
    I don't think that by consulting one parameter (LI index), I can forecast tstms in a better way than the model which takes into account a lot of parameters.

    Personally talking, convective available potential energy (CAPE), already provided by windy, is a better measurement of instability.

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