Altocumulus volutus is a four-leaf clover in the sky

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    As we wrote about Altocumulus and its species, the rarest is Altocumulus volutus. It is very lucky to see this species above our heads.

    photo: Joe Thomissen;desc: altocumulus-cloud-mid-level-rare-cloud-type;link:;licence: cc;

    Altocumulus volutus is quite like Stratocumulus volutus. That means a long, horizontal, detached, tube-shaped cloud mass which often appears to roll slowly about a horizontal axis. Unlike Stratocumulus, Altocumulus volutus is usually a single line and, like it is with the mid-level clouds, it appears smaller.

    photo: pxhere;desc: altocumulus-cloud-mid-level-rare-cloud-type;link:;licence: cc;

    Photos of Altocumulus volutus are very rare even though it is a beautiful cloud that is not connected with precipitation. If you have seen one, send us your photos!

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