ECMWF data are not available through plugings

  • Hi all,

    I've just finished my placement at MetService New Zealand and I'm ready to get back to some plugin fun! It's a real shame about the ECMWF data loader, though knowing EC, I guess I can see their point of view.

    @vicb and I talked very briefly a few weeks back about collaborating. My suggestion would be this: how about if @vicb and I were to work on a new skewt/better sounding hybrid plugin? We could incorporate the best of both, have a nice zoom feature, a tick box for paraglider settings, cloud, options for wind arrows or barbs, mouseover data, mintra lines, customisable wind limits, etc.

    We could ask @ivo about the best way to write it so that it fits easily into the windy codes as a fully functional internal windy plugin, and not just an external one (are there really that many casual windy users who know about external plugins anyway?). Since @ivo is quite busy, now might be a good time to do it. And I'm sure @Gkikas-LGPZ and @rittels would be happy to help us test it properly.

    @vicb, if you prefer to keep better sounding and skewt separate, that's totally fine too. I'll start working on the new version of skewt if that's the case (I still haven't implemented the code suggestions you gave me ages ago, I plan to get into that stuff this week). But having one mega plugin that does it all and is fully available within the main windy site would be super cool, and I'd personally really get a kick out of seeing my work used like that.

    This is all a huge learning experience for me as an aspiring meteorological developer, and it's awesome for me to have the chance to contribute in these ways to my favourite weather site :)

    @ivo @TomSlavkovsky @rittels @vicb @Gkikas-LGPZ @marekd

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    I've revisited your plug-in.

    Is it possible to include a numerical wind speed value next to the corresponding wind speed arrow column? The non-linear speed scale used in the vertical trace is difficult to use when determining the actual wind speed when the speed is very high through the vertical profile.


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    ECMWF status

    We will have a call with them tomorrow regarding licencing. We are unable to explain them, that plugins do no harm. We will let you know about result then

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    Quick answers as I don't have much time right now
    @Gkikas-LGPZ There is no data at 250hPa for GFS
    @johnckealy It would be great if we can come with only one codebase and a few options. That would be less to maintain and more maintainers.
    @stitch I have a linear scale in unzoomed view ready. I only need to publish it, probably later today.
    @ivo great, thanks !

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    @ivo @vicb @johnckealy @okocedion @marekd @TomSlavkovsky

    They have to understand that it is not anybody who uses the dataLoader, really only a few of us. We can use gfs to experiment, and then apply for access to ecmwf, if the plugin qualifies. Obviously you will check that we do not post data elsewhere. Which we will definitely not do!!

    It would be great if the approved plugins are then more integrated in Windy.

    I really appreciate that you allow us to build plugins on windy. Great fun.

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    What I meant is that 250hPa is NOT in the data loaded from the data loader - that is whatever is available to plugins for GFS.

    The windy UI might:

    • do an interpolation,
    • have more data available but I doubt as @ivo told me the opposite on an other thread.

    Did you check if that is not a simple interpolation ?

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    250 hPa data are not a simple interpolation.


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    Your SkewT program is "hot topic" at the moment - credit where credit is due for your plugin.

    Could I throw another request at you? Are you able to make the parcel trace trajectory/potential cloud development feature available for all hours.
    Admittedly, in most cases the overnight period will have minimal surface parcel lift. However, I would like to see this option available for early morning and late afternoon (and even overnight) when certain convective situations could still provide surface parcel lift.

    Thanks again

  • I noticed you had added a parcel trajectory too @vicb; I was wondering, how does it work? The parcel seems to have an origin temperature that is different from the surface temperature, so what is it based on?

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    The parcel is displayed from 2h after sunrise to 2h before sunset and starts at the surface elevation at air temperature +3C - it seems to works better for my use case. I think it would be better to discuss on an other thread ?

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