Animations too jumpy

  •'s little dynamic wind arrows are great. I.e., on,24.827,123.091,7,i:pressure
    when paused. But once things get playing,

    • pressure bars dancing wildly across the screen
    • aforementioned little white arrows starting and stopping each new frame (hour)
    • background image sometimes so different from previous hour that the mind cannot knit them together

    One could say "Well you would need a 15 minute frame interval to fix most of that."

    Anyway, for now please

    • Figure out a way to fade the previous hour while unfading the next hour background images to make transitions less jolting
    • Do the same for the little white wind arrows, or extrapolate a transitional 30 minute position for them during frame jumps.
    • Pressure contours are tougher... perhaps adding more secondary contours would be a start (1010.5) at such zooms. Thanks.

  • Administrator

    Dear @jidanni

    We are watching your posts very closely.

    So far we are not able to respond, but at least we read them. That does not mean we accept all or any of your proposals.

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