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    It is here. On easy to remember URL resides a simple tool, that can create nice animated videos for your Facebook, Twitter or any other use.

    Previous version enabled just creation of shitty animated GIFs in one size. Now we support mp4 format and variety of qualities (even 720p, known as HD) and sizes.

    Unfortunately latest version of Chrome or Firefox browser is required to create the video.

    You can embed or use your videos anywhere, just mention as an author, with proper clickable link to our website please.

    Embedding Windy's videos
    If you create stunning video at you can embed it into the article by pasting URL of video file in the article body in this format Make sure the URL is at the beginning of the line, not inside the text.


    Check out some rough weather coming to west coast

    ...and this is sweet. CO2 concentration in NYC next few days.

    All the videos are licenced under Creative Commons so you can use someone else's video. List of user's videos is at


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    Awesome. THANKS! Ivo and the Windy Team :)

  • ivo, there's still a bug affecting Win10 + Firefox 66.0.5 (most recent version).

    I can now make a full video within Firefox but when I press "Publish Save" it allows me to save the video locally, and keeps playing the displayed video on the save screen, but it otherwise locks the browser and I can not open any other webpage anywhere on the internet.

    I have to close the browser to get control back, but then the publishing has not taken place (though I do have the video saved locally). The final video works fine but Windy is not giving me my browser back because it can't finalize the publishing process and let go the browser again.

  • Partout dans le monde.

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    This post is deleted!

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