All-time Maximum and Minimum Temperatures for May

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    Are you curious again how about the temperature records for May?

    The English record and the highest for May was set in Camden Square (London) on 22nd May 1922, the same temperature was reached also on 29th May 1944 in the following places: Horsham (West Sussex), Tunbridge Wells (Kent), Regent’s Park (London). The temperature reached 32.8 °C. On the opposite scale - the coldest May day was on 4th & 11th May 1941 in Lynford (Norfolk), the temperature attacked -9.4 °C.

    The Scottish record was set in Inverailort (Highland) on 25th May 2012 and is 30.9 °C. The coldest day of May was experienced in Kinbrace (Highland) on 5th May 1981 with -7.7 °C.

    photo:;link:;licence: cc;desc: British Isles Minimum Temperatures for May.

    The Welsh record was set in Towy Castle (Carmathenshire) on 21st May 1989 and is 29.2 °C. On the other hand, Alwen (Conwy) experienced the coldest Welsh record on 1st May 1960 & again on 3rd May 1967. On 14th May 1984 also St. Harmon (Powys) reached temperature -6.1 °C.

    The Northern Ireland record was set in Knockarevan (Co. Fermanagh) on 31st May 1997 and is 28 °C. -6.5 °C was the lowest temperature measured in Moydamlaght (Co. Londonderry) on 7th May 1982.

    Irish highest May temperature was set in Kerry (Ardfert Liscahane) on 31st May 1997 reaching 28.4 °C, the lowest, -5.6 °C in Donegal (Glenties), on 4th May 1979.

    photo:;link:;licence: cc;desc:British Isles Maximum Temperatures for May.

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