fog and forecasted fog

  • would like to see a better way of seeing what fog is doing and forecasting visibility drops.

  • Use the animation tool to animate the visibility and/or fog layer (but frankly how far ahead can you rely on it for useful vis forecasting?). You can't see both together but forecast fog and dust storm particles aloft are taken into account and displayed within the visibility forecast.

    Fog is not able to be reliably predicted, the overlay only indicates a relative possibility of fog occurring in an area due to prevailing forecast conditions. Frankly the forecast data (as supplied) is a bit digital (on or off) and presented in a block which is too definite, when it needs to be more like a probability of fog map that's shaded in intensity. The model needs some work to reflect that, IMHO.

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    For FOG forecasting - try using the "cloud base" field and set up your color scale to highlight base height equal to or less 100m.

    In most cases this works for me. As WXcycles mentioned, the output is blocky but this is just the model resolution and what the model constitutes as the cloud base height across that pixel (model grid box)

  • @stitch

    That's a clever idea stitch, I like it, it would be nice to have a separate layer that does exactly that so you don't have to mess up the cloud base display to get it, and replace this questionable fog overlay depiction, or at least combine the two of these below 100 ft.

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    ... also by using "airgram"

  • @stitch
    how do u set up the color scale ? i really only need to see cloud bases below 500 ft.

  • Sailor Moderator

    In the menu, touch Settings > Customize color scale > Select overlay > Cloud base > add or remove levels of cloud bases. Then Save.


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    see if this helps,

    as per @idefix37 reply above.......there is a line below "undo" "load defaults" "save" buttons, with
    import/export [view code]

    click on [view code] and replace the displayed code with the following,


    and then click "import" and "save".

    If this fails, "load default" and try again.


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