Only official Windy Plugins can have ECMWF data

  • Administrator

    Dear developers.

    ECMWF licence is so restrictive, that we can not give you access to ECMWF data unless you are core Windy contributor and your plugin is official Windy Plugin.

    Just develop your plugin using dataLoader with ecmwf model parameter (you will receive useless FAKE data) and let us know when finished.

    We are also proud to announce, that popular plugins windy-plugin-skewt, da, pg, traj and sounding were precisely checked and selected as official Windy Plugins and their respective authors are core Windy contributors (and they have right to be rewarded by proper Windy cap if they want).

  • @ivo and team

    Thanks for negotiating with ECMWF!

    It is an honour to be a core windy contributor.

  • Same here! It is indeed an honour, and thanks for sorting that with ECMWF. By the way, I've just published the latest version of windy-plugin-skewt (vn0.4.0). @ivo would you prefer to just keep one stable core version of each plugin, or are you happy to incorporate plugin updates over time?

  • Administrator

    @johnckealy it is up to you

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