Please change names in Greenland

  • A lot of places in Greenland should change, because the names where we can see them, is on danish, and we do not use them anymore like several decades ago.
    The habitants areas is only seasites.
    Like West-, south-, and some area in eastgreenland.
    For example if I start from northern part of inhabitants areas;

    Thule : The place on this windy map, which called "Thule" is name Qaanaaq. And "Thule"'s old place is now american military base.

    If we go further south, like midt west on the map, there is a big island where the town stands for
    "Godhavn" - and yet again, we do not use it anymore that name. We call it "Qeqertarsuaq" which means big island.

    In same bay of other side of it, there is a place which stands for
    "Christianshåb" - ...We call the place "Qasigiannguit"

    "Egedesminde" = "Aasiaat"
    "Holsteinsborg" = "Sisimiut"
    "Søndre Strømfjord" = "Kangerlussuaq"
    "Sukkertoppen" = "Maniitsoq"
    "Godthåb" = "Nuuk"
    "Fiskenæsset" = "Qeqertarsuatsiaat"
    "Julianehåb" = "Qaqortoq"
    "Sydprøven" = "Alluitsup Paa"
    "Frederiksdal" = "Narsarmijiit"

    If we go to northern eastcoast, there is a place which also have inhabitants
    "Scoresbysund" = "Ittoqqortoormiit"

    It will be very good if the names of places change to original names.

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Thank you for your post. Unfortunately the place names are not controlled by Windy.

    Please see the following posts about how the map data for Windy is sourced and displayed from

    Please also note: For every language, a different place name label can be displayed, so please choose your correct language and data display.

    Further discussion of place name and language issues or disputes should be directed to the OpenStreetMap Forum here: > scroll down & select > users: (the relevant country for your dispute and/or question)

    In the case of a political dispute please leave such topics out of the Windy forum and instead focus on the discussion of weather.

    Thank you :)

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