Bug display report MB-Pro ws Windy

  • good evening
    I have just registered two managed stations via two Meteobridge pro servers
    my first station is well referenced
    pr against I have a concern of posting of my console for the second station which was recorded in my personal account with the same key-api
    my two meteobridges do not send me any errors for uoplads processes?
    I use the latest version of Firefox Quantum 67.0 (64bts)
    screnn of the error report here :
    thank you in advance good evening

  • Meteorologist

    This isn't a bug with Windy. This isn't really a bug with Meteobridge either. This is just a matter that the Meteobridge Windy upload only supports the default first station (station=0). I would suggest you take this up in the Meteobridge forum. This issue has already been discussed there. It is uncertain if this added feature will be added to the Meteobridge or not. But if enough people ask for the feature it could be added to support additional Windy stations that share an API key. In particular I would recommend posting your concern at this link;

    But there is a solution with the Meteobridge that you can do yourself. For the second station (station ID = 1) you could instead of using the Windy upload you instead use the HTTP upload feature in the Meteobridge Services tab. Use the following HTTP code and it will work. Notice that station=1 in this code. The omission of this would assume station=0 which is your primary default station.


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