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    I have the same problem.
    Loaded a gpx file, saved it.
    I see the track on the map as long as the upleader is open.
    Once I hit the red X to close the uploader window - the track dissapear.

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    @koby-0 Please use the shareable link (share button) to access your track again.

  • I am looking to upload a KML made in GoogleEarth but I was hoping to use custom icons for the place marks.

    Upon upload, the location co-ordinates are saved however Windy does not keep the custom icon - if I resort to a google earth icon Windy will display it. The icon is saved locally in my pictures. Is there a way to achieve this upload?

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    @andrew-crowe Send me a KML file somehow

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    @mrandall This is problem of Leaflet library and not easy to fix

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    @koby-0 We improved the uploader, now the track remains even after closing the uploader window.

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    @Simona-Polackova Thanks. Perfect.

  • @andrew-crowe
    You’ll have to save it as a .KMZ file to maintain your custom icons, waypoints, etc. It’s basically the same thing as a .KML extension, but in a zip file format that will save your customizations.

  • Amazing work! It would be cool to support more file formats and be able to view them on mobile version too!

  • @cana-0 what format is missing?

  • Great job people. Is there a way to show multiple kml files on the map at the same time? Switching between multiple kml files works just fine, but it would be great to work with them as with map layers (to turn layer combinations on and off and determine their order).

  • Excellent feature, thanks. Just tried it with KML files and it is really great. If I could pick on something, it would be that when refreshing, you have to upload the KML files again.

  • Hi, great feature, however it doesn't seem to be working for my kml file: https://www.windy.com/upload/5d66608c8992c4001abf5c25 . Same file works in other tools. Am I doing something wrong?
    Trying to map open coal power plans on your air quality layers

  • Very good and useful option. Keep up good work.

  • @ivo I have a website that converts the plain text of our flight plan into a couple of different formats. The main purpose is to convert the flight plan into html for use on the iPad. However, while I am doing that, I also convert the route it into kmz gpx. The kmz did not work, but the gpx did. This is fine in that I probably have too much more information than just the route in the .kmz file.

    It would be great to be able to click on the gpx file attachment and open the file directly. Right now, I have to save the file to folders and then open the file from within Windy. Even better would be if I could create a link with a custom URL to open the route like I do with ForeFlight.

    A minor complaint is that the route will not draw across the date line, but will go all the way around the world to intercept the next point on the other side.

    I have not been a big Windy user, but discovered this looking for models for hurricane Dorian. Please take my comments in the context of the intention of trying to give some feedback of some improvements that would make this even better. I am very impressed with Windy!!

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    I was attempting to load the hurricane spaghetti plots from South Florida Water Management district and the tracker from the NHC that autoupdate but Windy doesn't seem to be able to work with these files.



    NHC Active KML Feed:


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    @kehoe we don't support KMZ, so from Google Earth you need to save layer as KML and it should work. This is how we created the following plot:


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    Thanks. I see. Any thoughts about the Network Link functionality to auto update tracks or plots when the KML overlay is active?

  • I was using sfwmd.gov data, by processing through a XSLT stylesheet, first because the incompatibility, and to restructure, and filter the data. Restructure includes picking the part out that Windy will work with, adding graphics, putting in a bounding box (don't care about hurricane tracks in Greenland), which tracks/ensembles to show, and converting start time + offset into a time.

    The stylesheet operates on a XML file with the URL(s) to pull from, and clipping box (NSEW). msxml6 on Windows seems to be extremely fast (probably JIT compiles) and can easily plow thorough 100's files totaling several GB.

    My humble opinion: Any interoperability application which takes in XML data should have the option of passing the XML through a XSLT transformation which by default the identity transform. This allows fixes to be made to inputs without breaking open code, particularly when an outside source changes its format.

    I sometimes apply XSLT transforms as filtering rules to URLs/IP's with a proxy (Privoxy) running on a router to handle it with network hardware. This can also fix things going out. Then you don't have to fiddle with clients.

    XSLT is XML that transforms XML files(s) into XML (or non XML) -- this is said in the sense that a SQL select query transforms database table(s) into another table. XSLT not a procedural language, its declarative - to me much less error prone. XSLT's 'program flow' is a parser doing a tree traversal, and content matching criteria can be routed through different rules. On the simplest level, you can pass through, ignore, modify or replace. XSLT is Turing complete, but certain tasks are real ugly to accomplish. I see XSLT as a sort of OODBMS to work with hierarchical cursors.

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