Upload, display and share your KML, GPX or GeoJSON on Windy

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    @kehoe we don't support KMZ, so from Google Earth you need to save layer as KML and it should work. This is how we created the following plot:


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    Thanks. I see. Any thoughts about the Network Link functionality to auto update tracks or plots when the KML overlay is active?

  • I was using sfwmd.gov data, by processing through a XSLT stylesheet, first because the incompatibility, and to restructure, and filter the data. Restructure includes picking the part out that Windy will work with, adding graphics, putting in a bounding box (don't care about hurricane tracks in Greenland), which tracks/ensembles to show, and converting start time + offset into a time.

    The stylesheet operates on a XML file with the URL(s) to pull from, and clipping box (NSEW). msxml6 on Windows seems to be extremely fast (probably JIT compiles) and can easily plow thorough 100's files totaling several GB.

    My humble opinion: Any interoperability application which takes in XML data should have the option of passing the XML through a XSLT transformation which by default the identity transform. This allows fixes to be made to inputs without breaking open code, particularly when an outside source changes its format.

    I sometimes apply XSLT transforms as filtering rules to URLs/IP's with a proxy (Privoxy) running on a router to handle it with network hardware. This can also fix things going out. Then you don't have to fiddle with clients.

    XSLT is XML that transforms XML files(s) into XML (or non XML) -- this is said in the sense that a SQL select query transforms database table(s) into another table. XSLT not a procedural language, its declarative - to me much less error prone. XSLT's 'program flow' is a parser doing a tree traversal, and content matching criteria can be routed through different rules. On the simplest level, you can pass through, ignore, modify or replace. XSLT is Turing complete, but certain tasks are real ugly to accomplish. I see XSLT as a sort of OODBMS to work with hierarchical cursors.

  • @TomSlavkovsky
    KMZ seems to be A zip archive of XML file(s) plus others. For instance "AL052019_041adv_TRACK.kmz" has "AL052019_041adv_TRACK.kml" in it plus all the icons they use. In windows can change the .kmz to .zip and open it. The Microsoft office format (docx, pptx, or xlsx) is also like this.

    To get the NHC kmz's, get https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/gis/kml/nhc_active.kml It has the links to other current products in .kmz, and other info. A cron job on an OpenWRT router could easily serve/archive current products with wget/curl and xsltproc.

  • @ivo said in Upload, display and share your KML, GPX or GeoJSON on Windy:

    Our front end junior developer @iblfilip just finished long awaited Windy functionality: the file uploader.

    Just visit https://www.windy.com/uploader and display KML, GPX or GeoJSON file on Windy.

    desc: File uploader is easy to use

    Each file can be saved to our cloud either as public or private.

    Each saved file than can be shared using nice shareable URL like this: https://www.windy.com/upload/5cef2a2781b2ea0012a05d5d

    Enjoy and let us know how do you like it.

    It works great but i have issues with the placements of the points, error is quite big but can be resolved by zooming the map. Hope you can resolve this one and by the way how can I donate to you?

  • Not display my KML files. help thank you

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    Hi, this a great tool. It would be very useful for me (I am a marine scientist) while planning the routing between sampling stations at sea. I have been using windy for a long time during the cruises for optimizing the time and the convenience of the scientists on board.
    I have a small suggestion. I uploaded a gpx file contains station points, which are visible on the map but the icons are too big and not displayed correctly. You may add a standard icon to solve this problem. My original icons are small green circles. Thanks again for your efforts.

  • I can't upload kmx file created in Google Earth ... Please let me know how.

  • @yoon-jong-hwan 1) You have to export the file as kml (not kmz which is just zipped kml and the images folder), 2) if there are incons or pictures in kml, all images have to be hosted somewhere and linked by their full urls (they won't be uploaded to Windy, showing "dead" image links).

    If you have trouble uploading NWS/NOAA or JTWC cones, just chat me here in community and I'll show you how these files have to be edited to work on Windy.

  • @ivo
    Is there a up date to get future Radar? I along with many would delete out weather apps if you have future radar and text notifications!

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    I continue to appreciate this tool. It is proving to be very useful for visualizing weather along a sailing passage. It would be very cool if the weather detail bar as shown in the distance planner were also available for kml, gpz, GeoSON routes.

    As more routes are added, and I predict there will be thousands as others discover it, a search tool would be very helpful. Maybe search or filter uploaded routes by user? Or by those routes applicable to the current screen view, i.e. take the lat/lon rectangle from the screen corners and filter for the uploaded routes which intersect that rectangle.

    Thank you.

  • Great work. I see .xml file upload possibility and have tried it but for some reason doesn't work. File has been converted from .csv file that I use for navigation in other system

  • Can I upload a track into my phone app?
    Or is there any way to open the already uploaded track on the phone?

  • @elfutok After you'll upload it via desktop/laptop, you can view it in your mobile phone browser

  • @pavelneuman
    Thanks for your website
    I uploaded my file through the website but I cannot see it in my phone app.
    Is there a way to see my uploaded files in my phone app?

  • @elfutok
    I am using Windy Mapp app.

  • @pavelneuman said in Upload, display and share your KML, GPX or GeoJSON on Windy:

    @elfutok After you'll upload it via desktop/laptop, you can view it in your mobile phone browser

    Where do I find the track on my phone? the gpx I uploaded via https://www.windy.com/uploader doens't show up in the moblie Windy Maps App. I can create a folder there, but haven't found a way in the the desktop to manage my gpx uploads, only can share and delete them

    Thanx for you help

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    Question - how would I create an embed widget given I have a dynamic KML/GPX//GeoJSON fragment?

    The input file would need to be passed as a URI parameter as it might be created on the fly

    for the same reason, the upload to windy.com seems suboptimal - assuming you would not want a public upload everytime someone retrieves the page with the embed on it

    any suggestions?

    thanks in advance.

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    here is an example what I'd be looking for: https://sailpatience.com/where-is-patience/ - an embed provided by https://www.predictwind.com/ (which pushes all the right buttons for people trying to do tracking and weather as an embed)

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