iOS: weather map doesn't update as I scroll or tap on the weather forecast

  • In previous releases, you could either close the forecast lower window and press the play icon to see the wind map animation, or you could scroll the lower window and it would update to the left most visible hour and day, so you could very easily understand how the wind (or any other active map) would be at that time that day on the left. But since a few weeks ago, the map never updates, even if you tap on an specific hour on the lower forecast window.

    Is this a new feature or is this a bug? If it's a feature, it's very annoying because I can't see the wind and rain in sync as I could before.

    Let me illustrate it with an example:


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    @Almarma It works for me on iPhone 8, what is your device?

  • I have an iPhone 6. But it seems it has been fixed with the latest update. Thank you :)

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