iOS: weird random wrong GPS locations when opening the iOS app

  • For some reason, since a few weeks ago, iOS gets wrong location based on GPS (by default it gives you the weather forecast based on the GPS location). It was doing it great since I begun using it last year, but since a few weeks ago it seems to get it always wrong.

    I live in Norway. I don't know if it's a problem of the locations database that has changed, or is a problem within the app (I learn a bit of Swift language and I know there're different levels of precision for an app to calculate your location. Maybe it's been modified to use a faster but less precise setting and I have got random villages from around me up to maybe 10-15km away from the correct location. It didn't happen before :(

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    @Almarma we are aware of this problem, it is fixed on the web application. The fix for the apps will be available soon.

  • @TomSlavkovsky Awesome, thank you!

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